#I think Dean doing this on purpose around Cas #all the pop culture references  #because he wanna see Cas’ confused face #because it’s really Cas #the socially awkward angel of the lord #his angel #his Cas #and Dean loves him

Cas in the last one is like #fucking humans

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 A girl draw a series of self-portraits after she’d taken LSD

After 15 minutes

45 minutes

1 hour and 45 minutes

2 hours and 15 minutes

3 and a haf hours

4 hours and 45 minutes

6 hours

6 hours and 45 minutes

8 hours

8 hours and 45 minutes

9 and a half hours

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For an airline battling costs, the financial nuts and bolts of the investigation and recovery process could prove hideously expensive.

Things will quickly add up. Quite apart from providing accommodation for relatives if passengers in both Kuala Lumpur and Beijing, MAS has also promised to fly at least four relatives of each victim to the exact crash site once located.

The airline had also hired a US disaster recovery firm whose fees are undoubtedly costly - at a time when the loss making airline is trying to pare down costs to the bone. It isn’t clear, however, how much of all this will be borne by the insurance companies, but that will inflict a price down the road too.


S Jayasankaran

I have never been more disgusted with the finance industry in my entire life.

"The airline had also hired a US disaster recovery firm whose fees are undoubtedly costly."

How can anyone write this with a straight face? Or with a straight heart? What is this surreal reality we are living in when a disaster as tragic as this is being dissected into dollars and cents, and that the costs associated with recovery are frowned upon as potentially leading to bankruptcy for the firm? I understand some people have been compelled to write about this from their higher ups, but some blame must be attributed to the writer for not only writing wholly without tact, but also displaying the vast inhumanity of the financial industry.

Economics 101: where doing the right thing is lamented as cost escalating.

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no matter where you are from or what you religion you believe in, please, just take a moment to pray for the safety of the passengers and crew members of flight MH370 that went missing on saturday morning. pray that they return home to the arms of their family members. 

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"are you retarded? Of course the plane crashed.... do you think it safely landed and they are all just playing hide and seek? Go look up facts. It was over sea and would have ran out of fuel. GO look up the air france crash a few years ago same thing and it took 2 weeks before they found debris and bodies. You can have hope but now you are being plain stupid."


Before you start saying all these things which you totally became an expert on due to this case, take into consideration a few things:

1) The time I reblogged the post

- When I reblogged the post, it was less than 36 hours when the plane went missing.

2) What if the plane made an emergency landing somewhere?

- Chances may be slim but it is still possible ok?

3) When I said that there is still hope, I was doing it more for the sake of the friends and family of those who were on the plane

4) You are just a cynical asshole who just decides to send anon hate over my opinion, hope and faith.

- This is fairly obvious and I dont have to elaborate on it any further even to someone with your intellect

You’re obviously not one of those who know anyone on the flight and you decide to give me shit over this issue. Try and tell it to the face of the those awaiting news about their loved ones what you told me and see if you would get your ass whopped. Tell that to a little girl who is still hoping her father, one of the crew members of the flight, to return home. Just tell them to their face. Of course they are told to be prepared for the worst by now but they are still praying and hoping that some sort of miracle would happen by the grace of God.

If you are truly updated then you would know that there might be some other possibilities involved at the moment. Such as the issues of the stolen passports. Don’t start randomly saying shit like “Go look up facts” and shit because you obviously don’t know facts either. Now shut the fuck up and let people deal with this the way they want to, whether they want to hope or not. It’s none of your business.

And to that, I wish you good day.

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